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Welcome to SM Technomine Inc, an accountable, results driven organization with the primary objective of enabling our customers meet and exceed their targets. At SM Technomine Inc, we treat your prospect like one of our own. We believe in ACCOUNTABILITY and our commercial terms are designed to give you confidence that your marketing dollars are providing good returns.
Our EXPERIENCE program gives you an opportunity to test our services and our PAY FOR PERFORMANCE models give you the confidence that we are committed to establishing our value and building a long term relationship. We are highly concerned with the quality of our solutions and services. Moreover, we constantly work on developing and improving our service performance to satisfy our customers and to maintain good and a long-term business relation with them. Automatically requesting a discussion with a prospective client initiates two-way discussion of the intricacies of the project.


Helping business’s run better.


Aspect’s proven methodology delivers an implementation that gets your solution up and running on time and on budget. Your Aspect project manager and team members adhere to a standardized, disciplined approach to management that ensures expectations are clearly documented and met at each milestone, and processes are consistent and repeatable.​


Any client service organization’s core strength lies in its human capital. We at SM Technomine Inc, consider our people as our most valuable assets. We have built a vibrant internal culture, which inculcates both common and specialized traits across various layers of the organization. A diverse group of professionals with strong educational background and extensive experience in working for some of the world’s most respected companies makes us stand apart. Our foreign professionals bring cultural diversity to SM Technomine Inc, which helps us provide the best solutions to our clients.
Our unique domain expertise, extensive international experience and customized processes are aimed to provide scalable, cost-effective and high-quality service. At SM Technomine Inc, we are able to deliver measurable value to our global clients. Our exclusive focus on diverse markets allows us to offer our clients customized solutions to achieve and surpass their targets. Clients benefit from our strengths
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